Morning run. Record morning for nature; 1 racoon, 2 rabbits, and the usual smattering of birds and neighborhood cats. 13:11

RunKeeper says 176 calories.

1.41 miles; average speed was 6.39 mi/hr.

Morning run. Hard to be motivated when you’re all stiff. 13:31

RunKeeper says 176 calories.

1.41 miles; average speed was 6.27 mi/hr.

Morning run. Best pace in a while. Though ye olde arches, they did pain. 12:50

RunKeeper says 180 calories.

1.44 miles; average speed was 6.71 mi/hr.

Morning run. Muggy out there. 12:44

RunKeeper says 175 calories.

1.39 miles; average speed 6.57 mi/hr.

Morning run. Meh. ‘Twas a run. 13:23

RunKeeper claims 173 calories.

1.38 miles; average speed 6.19 mi/hr.

Morning run. Stiff this morning. And cranky on account of a demanding late-night wakening by one of the kids. 13:38

RunKeeper says 172 calories.

1.39 miles; average speed was 6.11 mi/hr.

Morning run after a nightmare. 13:06

RunKeeper claims 174 calories.

1.39 miles; average speed 6.36 mi/hr.

Morning run. Still a bit stiff this a.m. Ran anyway. Kept it short. 11:55

RunKeeper says 155 calories.

1.28 miles; average speed 6.45 mi/hr.

Morning run. Shorter than usual. A bit stiff sore to begin with; didn’t want to push it. 12:11

RunKeeper says 149 calories.

1.20 miles; 5.89 mi/hr average.

Morning run. Don’t much care for running. But hey: only minimal arch pain today. 14:06

RunKeeper says 186 calories.

1.49 miles; 6.34 mi/hr average.

Morning run. Man I hate running. 13:25

RunKeeper says 178 calories.

1.42 miles; average speed 6.34 mi/hr.

Morning run. Repeat yesterday, though I would rather have stayed in bed. 14:14

RunKeeper says 190 calories.

1.51 miles; average speed 6.39 mi/hr.