Round-up for the week:

  • 6 activities since Sunday 9/14 (5 stationary bike, 1 elliptical)
  • 33.64 total miles
  • 2 hours 56 minutes (give or take)
  • 1587 calories (give or take)
  • average speed of 12.61 mi/hr on the exercise bike

Feeling pretty good about this week. I’d like to introduce a day or two of weights into the routine as well at this point.

Joined a gym the other day. I haven’t been posting those activities but…

This morning was 30 minutes on the elliptical (first time ever); past two days were 30 minutes on a recumbent stationary bike.

Going to love having a gym membership.

Run. Started off stiff and just stayed that way. 10:13

RunKeeper says 117 calories.

1.00 mile; average speed 5.62 mi/hr.

Morning run. Still feeling fatigued, bottomed out. 13:35

RunKeeper claims 174 calories.

1.38 miles; 6.11 mi/hr average speed.

Morning run. Fatigued really early for some reason. 12:19

RunKeeper says 153 calories.

1.22 miles; average speed 5.93 mi/hr.

Morning run, up the big hill. 12:41

RunKeeper claims 163 calories.

1.33 miles; average speed 6.29 mi/hr.

Morning run. A little misty/foggy/chilly. Nothing special. Arches, but just a little bit. 13:36

RunKeeper says 171 calories.

1.37 miles; average speed 6.03 mi/hr.

Wednesday’s route, but reversed. Which seemed like such a good idea but trades the big steep hill in the front for a gradual but steady climbing ascent at the end. Not sure which left me more fatigued. 13:02

RunKeeper says 158 calories.

1.28 miles; average speed 5.90 mi/hr.

Morning run. New route with a big old hill right at the start. Not quite long enough but I think we can arrange to add a little bit too it without too much trouble. 12:50

RunKeeper claims 155 calories.

1.25 miles; average speed 5.86 mi/hr.

Morning run. Cold, barely 50°F. Saw deer, and a rabbit (twice). Tried a sort-of-new route. 11:19

RunKeeper claims 157 calories.

1.25 miles; average speed was 6.63 mi/hr.

(At least the average speed was good.)

Morning run. Chilly and cloudy. Threatens rain but did not rain. 13:17

RunKeeper claims 174 calories.

1.39 miles; average speed was 6.26 mi/hr.

Morning run. A bit on the chilly side, but pleasant. 12:57

RunKeeper says 174 calories.

1.40 miles; average speed 6.47 mi/hr.